Summer 2015 – Canadian Order

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  • Safe Dining Guide: Our exclusive look at restaurants where great food and allergy safety are both on the menu.
  • Celiac in Kids: How to spot the sometimes subtle signs of celiac disease in children and teens.
  • Brave Pioneers: Meet the courageous families risking reactions to move science toward workable allergy therapies.
  • Layer It On! From a 7-layer dip to tropical parfaits, these fabulous recipes will get scooped up quickly.
  • Al Fresco: Perfect patio fare: Smoky pepper kebabs, grilled vegetable gazpacho, super chicken sliders, and watermelon mojitos.
  • So Berry Good: Summer’s tastiest fruits star in this fabulous, fuss-free fruit crumble.
  • Healthy Home, Baby’s Room: Smart furnishings and materials will keep little lungs healthy.
  • Ragweed Allergy: How to handle the pollen super-producer.
  • Exhaust & Allergies: Research links the onset of childhood allergies to traffic pollution.
  • Ask the Allergists: Experts answer readers’ questions on what to avoid with a cashew allergy, when peanuts and nuts are linked, what epinephrine feels like, and more.
  • Summer Spoiler: Is an itchy mouth stopping you from enjoying plump tomatoes and crisp carrots? It could be OAS.
  • Allergy News: Ryan’s law protects students with asthma, a search for celiac-safe wheat, food allergies via blood transfusion, and more.
  • Ask the Dermatologist: Dr. Sandy Skotnicki sheds light on reactions to sunscreens.
  • Hot Topics: Laurie Harada introduces Hannah Lank, a teen scholar who never lets food allergies define her.
  • My Story: The tween director behind the doc That Bites!
  • Plus, much more!