Summer 2013 – U.S. Edition

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  • Powered to Win: Top athletes share the secrets to peak performance on the gluten-free diet.
  • The Hunt for a Cure: Facing hurdles and false hopes, researchers get creative in the quest for a food allergy cure.
  • Road Trip!: Our travel dining guide for food allergies and celiac disease.
  • Scents & Sensitivity: It’s a case of the allergy specialists vs. the giant perfume makers: who will win?
  • Oddest Allergies: Seven summer allergy triggers you’ll want to be aware of.
  • Ice Cream Party: Our delicious ice cream, free of all top allergens.
  • The Perfect Picnic: Delicious pasta salad, oven-fried chicken, lemonade cake and more, with no Top allergens in sight!
  • Fiesta Time!: Mexican-inspired tostadas and chili, free of top allergens and gluten.
  • Healthy Home: How to build a reaction-free and eco-friendly back deck.
  • FARE Views: John Lehr announces a nationwide allergy training program for restaurants.
  • Celiac Central: Alice Bast celebrates NFCA’s 10 year anniversary with 10 outstanding gluten-free tips.
  • Allergy-friendly products: From burgers to bug sprays, we’ve selected the most allergy-safe options.
  • Latest News: A Florida teen lobbies for her sister, vitamin D and asthma, plus how milk allergy is persisting in kids.
  • Celiac Expert: Shelley Case gives the latest info on gluten-free beers.
  • Parenting Coach: Gina Clowes on how to help your child after an anaphylactic reaction.
  • Last Word: A 7-year-old saves his allergic pal’s life during a lunchroom reaction.
  • Q&As with allergists and dermatologists.