Spring 2019


Allergic Living can be found at Barnes & Noble as of April 2, 2019.

Cover Report

Life After Milk – Meet 3 families who are artfully avoiding the “toughest allergen.”


Find out what’s fiction and what’s fact as we debunk allergy myths; celiac’s effect on oral health; advice for teens facing food allergy embarrassment and much more.


Adult food allergies soar, the dangers of vaping and asthma, restaurant lawsuits, and research highlights from AAAAI annual meeting in San Francisco.

Ask the Allergists

Allergy shots and fruit reactions, medicating EoE and why to lie down in anaphylaxis.


Say hello to spring with garden fresh recipes including beet salad, carrot gnocchi, minty lamb and more. For dessert, try eggless, nutless, gluten- and dairy-free pavlovas and café-style sweets.

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Spring 2019Spring 2019