Spring 2018



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Schooled in Allergies – The new reality at school is students with an armload of foods to avoid. We uncover the solutions.


Meet 3 families managing life with celiac disease and food allergies; $8 million project takes on the alarming rate of asthma in Navajo kids; Eijah Silvera’s parents call for preschool protocol and more.


Approval hopes follow OIT trail success; parents’ risky behavior; asthma attacks drop in kids; fertility and asthma meds and more.

Ask the Allergists

Higher IgE levels and reactions risks, gauging cow’s milk symptoms, and epinephrine for the larger person.


Fried & Fresh: From tacos to falafel bowls, temaki and more! Street foods get an allergy-aware makeover. Gourmet Toasts with nutritious dairy-free spreads and a divine upside-down rhubarb cake.


Allergic Living can now be found at Barnes & Noble throughout the United States.
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