Fall 2015 – U.S. Edition

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The Teen Brain: When peer pressure and hormones meet food allergies, it’s a volatile mix. How parents and peers can help the allergic teen learn to cope.

Features: Water is her Enemy: Living with Aquagenic Urticaria; Celiac in the Family, TV Child Star Advocate and Dr. Xiu-Min Li’s Herbal Allergy Treatment.

News: ‘Stock epi’ in public venues, egg used in celiac pill, and the lawsuit that could alter allergy labeling. 

Ask the Allergists: The benefits of food challenge tests, breastfeeding and egg allergy, and a mysterious fish reaction. 

Recipes: Allergy-Friendly 30-Minute Weeknight Wonders; Chocolate Crunch, Banana Oat Bars; Maple Fresh Toast and Cookies.


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