Fall 2013 – U.S. Edition


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  • Learning Curve: Colleges across America are reacting to food allergies with improved awareness, menus and dorm policies.
  • Flour Power: The best new gluten-free baking techniques and ingredients.
  • The Food Allergy Experts: Formula for the milk-allergic baby, sunflower seed allergy, and outgrowing a nut allergy.
  • Allergy News: The FDA’s new gluten-free standard, “stock epinephrine” laws progress, and the peanut patch’s promise.
  • Breath Taking: Millions of fitness buffs are feeling asthma symptoms. What’s going on?
  • Going Global: From Hungarian Goulash to Japanese curry, Cybele Pascal’s divine allergy-friendly suppers go international.
  • Pizza Night: Gluten- and dairy-free pizza pies? That’s amore!
  • Fall Flavors: Maple-pumpkin donuts and tender cinnamon muffins.
  • Celiac Expert: Exposing hidden gluten in spices.
  • Lessons from a Tragedy: An expert answers important questions on a teen’s tragic death due to peanut allergy.
  • Healthy Home: Renovate that basement – but lose the mold and toxins.
  • When Food is the Enemy: Life with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) and its profound diet restrictions.
  • Parenting Coach: Gina Clowes’ advice for handling the well-meaning and the ill-informed.
  • Celiac Central: NFCA’s Alice Bast has advice on handling the siblings of kids with celiac disease.
  • FARE Views: John Lehr on the importance of raising the profile of food allergies.
  • Lunch Proud: Send off your allergic student with the latest in lunchtime gear.
  • Plus, much more!