Flying with
Food Allergies – The Policies 

It’s back! Our Comparing Airlines Chart that details the allergy policies of 12 major airlines is now updated with 2014 information.
    Based on direct information from the airlines, the chart gives a helpful, one-stop overview of food allergy and pet allergy practices. View the chart.

Also: Flying with Food Allergies - must-read steps to take. read more

The Educating Dynamo

In the 2nd of our series celebrating outstanding leaders in the food allergy community, we introduce you to Karen Harris. The tireless advocate – mother to a child with multiple food allergies – has trained literally thousands of educators to be ready to manage anaphylaxis. read more

Living Gluten-Free

• Celiac Drug Shows Success in Trial
The first pharmaceutical support to the gluten-free diet is making big progress, and could protect against symptoms in those with celiac disease. read more

• Gluten’s Hidden Hot Spots in the Home
NFCA unveils its “Hot Spots in the Home” campaign, illuminating some hidden and surprising sources of gluten. read more

Food Allergy’s MVP Speaks Up

Allergic Living editor Gwen Smith interviews football superstar Adrian Peterson about his shellfish allergy and why he's taken on a new role – campaigning for food allergy awareness. read more

Ask the Allergist
Q: My child is allergic to peanuts and soy beans – and now is confirmed allergic to tree nuts. Are nuts and legumes related?

Dr. Hemant Sharma on the relation between nuts, peanuts and other legumes. read more

Just Out! The Summer Edition
U.S. Edition Canadian Edition

On newsstand: Aside from subscription, the magazine can be found at U.S. Whole Foods Markets and Chapters in Canada. The Summer Edition will be available as of June 24.



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