About Anti-Aging Products

Published: December 6, 2006

Q. I’m a 40-year-old woman with sensitive skin, and I get some flaking around the eyes. What anti-aging products would you suggest?

Dr. Skotnicki: The best anti-aging product is still sunblock. Unless you’re spending a lot of time outside, a moisturizer with added SPF 15 is enough for the winter.

Steer clear of products that contain glycolic acids and Retin-A, which can be irritating.

I like the fragrance-free Kinerase line, which has some good science behind its anti-aging promises. In terms of ingredients, matrixyl is non-irritating and has scientific data to support its anti-aging claims. (Look for it in StriVectin and Olay’s Regenerist line.)

Stabilized vitamin C, found in Active C by La Roche-Posay, is also gentle and proven to decrease fine lines, increase collagen production and reduce pigmentation.

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