Allergic Living’s Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy & Treats List 2022

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Published: October 5, 2022

Allergy-friendly treats are the headliners for a hauntingly good Halloween. Plan ahead with Allergic Living’s Candy & Treats List, and you’ll have a wealth of tasty goodies to hand out on the big day. 

Whether your ghouls thrive on chocolate or chewy sweets, you’ll find treats to appease all their cravings. 

At Allergic Living, we’re big believers in inclusion and letting everyone join in the fun. So stock up, then give in to the thrill of the year’s eeriest eve.

Note: All items have been fact-checked for ingredients and allergens. But always read labels to make sure ingredients haven’t changed.

The 2022 Candy & Treats List

Amanda’s Own: Happy Halloween Bag

Manufactured on dedicated lines and free of the Top 9 allergens, the delicious treats from Amanda’s Own ensure the night’s frights aren’t lurking in candy bags. Fill trick-or-treat bags with foil-wrapped chocolate rounds from the company’s Happy Halloween Bags. Or, show your teal pride with the brand’s Teal Pumpkin Bags. (A portion of the proceeds from the bags’ sale goes to support the nonprofit FARE). 

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten, corn, mustard, sulfites and lupin
Shop online
at (U.S. & Canada)

Bazooka Candy: Halloween Ring Pops

Sweet and spectacular, Ring Pops are as extravagant as Halloween itself. With three fruity, Top-9-free flavors in each box, there’s one of these gems to match every costume. Halloween dreams are made of these, so stock up while you still can. 

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten 
Shop online at (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Target (U.S. only)

Cocomels: Pumpkin Spice Cocomels

Cocomels’ limited-edition Pumpkin Spice caramels pack an abundance of warm fall flavors into each mouth-watering morsel. Individually wrapped, these are perfect for handing out at the door – or squirreling away for yourself. 

Free of*: peanuts, tree nuts (apart from coconut), wheat, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, sesame, plus gluten  
Contains: coconut 
*Allergen Statement: Made on shared equipment with peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and soy. Lines are cleaned to FDA standards between each product run.

Shop online at (U.S. only) 
Retailers include: Kroger, Walmart and Wegman’s

Enjoy Life Foods: Minis Variety Pack

As with all of this go-to brand’s products, Enjoy Life Foods’ Halloween Chocolate Candy Bar Minis are made in a dedicated nut-free, gluten-free facility and are free of the Top 9 allergens. Whether the kids prefer smooth or crisp chocolate, they’ll find 15, creamy, sweet, individually wrapped bars to crave among the dark, ricemilk and ricemilk crunch options included in each bag. 

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten, casein, sulfites, lupin and mustard
Shop online at (U.S. only) 
Retailers include: Hy-Vee, Market Basket and Wegman’s (U.S. only)

free2B: Bag O’ Treats Cups

Made with sunflower butter, this riff on the popular, peanutty treat makes free2B’s Sunflower Butter Cups accessible to everyone. Free of the Top 9 allergens and certified gluten-free, each Halloween-themed Bag O’ Treats includes 18 moments of dark chocolate meets sunflower seed butter bliss. A treat sure to send fiends into a frenzy, you’ll want to stock up before they come creeping by your door. 

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten, mustard, corn and coconut
Shop online at (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Wegman’s (U.S. only)

Hershey’s: Halloween Monster Kisses

Decked out in monster-themed foil, Hershey’s Halloween Monster Kisses are more cute than creepy. Use them to fill candy bowls or dole them out to tiny tricksters at the door. Smooth and creamy, these familiar chocolates are free of most top allergens, though they do contain dairy and soy.

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, egg, fish, shellfish, and sesame plus gluten 
Contain: dairy, soy 
Shop online at and (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Walmart and Target (U.S. only)

MadeGood Foods: Granola Mini Bars 

Free of the Top 9 allergens, treat-sized and shrouded in the colors of the season, MadeGood’s Granola Mini Bars are a no-brainer come Halloween. With an abundance of chocolate chips expertly hiding vitamin-rich vegetable extracts, these are both kid-friendly and adult-approved. Plus, with 30 mini bars per box, they are convenient for stocking up the treat bowls.  

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten 
Shop online at and (teal packaging exclusive to Target). In Canada, at
Retailers include: Target. In Canada, Loblaws, Sobeys and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates: Mini Bars

Made in a dedicated nut-free facility, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates’ products make snacking safely a breeze for those with nut or peanut allergies. This October 31, treat visitors to individual, foil-wrapped Halloween Mini Bars, in milk chocolate with crispy rice, dark or milk chocolate. For indecisive types, the company also offers an assorted bag that includes all three flavors. Vermont’s range of superb seasonal treats also includes Halloween Skippers (candy-coated chocolate) and Monster Mash Bark.  

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame 
Contains: dairy, wheat, egg and soy
Shop online at (U.S. and Canada)

Mondelez: Sour Patch Kids Spooky Mix

Beware! There’s a ghastly gathering of Sour Patch Kids and Sour Patch Kids Watermelons in each 40-piece treat bag of Spooky Mix. Luckily, these Top-9-free treats are sure to appeal to trick-or-treaters, who’ll make swift work of the mischievous mob. Once they taste the fruity, sour and sweet delights, Halloween revelers are bound to be back, pleading for more.

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten
Shop online at, and (U.S. only).
Retailers include: Target and Walmart

NoWhey! Foods: Halloween Minis Variety 4 Pack

Every Halloween Minis Variety 4 Pack from NoWhey! Foods contains more than 30 safe treats you can dole out to superheroes, goblins and their cronies. Made in a dedicated facility, and free of the Top 9 allergens, these treats also deliver big flavor. Best of all? Kids will be spoiled for choice. Each bag contains: Milkless Mini bars, PeaNot Cups, Choco No No’s candies and, our favorite, the Bag of Terror’s chocolate-covered pretzels.

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten 
Shop online at (U.S. & Canada)

Rule Breaker Snacks: Halloween Box

Craving a devilishly delicious treat made without a scary amount of sugar? Look no farther than Rule Breaker Snacks’ new Halloween Box. In each, find 18 individually wrapped, junior-sized treats in soft-baked brownie and birthday cake flavors. All are made in a dedicated bakery, free of the Top 9 allergens, and with only 2 grams of added sugar. Few treats satisfy so intensely without the sugar crash.

Free of: Top 9 allergens, plus gluten and mustard  
Shop online at and (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Commissary grocer (U.S. only)

Smarties Candy: Smarties Original Candy Rolls

As timeless as Count Dracula, these colorful candy wafers are Halloween classics that are happily Top-9-free. With a range of fruity flavors in each individual candy roll, you’re sure to please every superhero, storybook character, and specter you discover at your door.   

Free of: Top 9 plus gluten. In U.S., watch that UPC code begins with 011206. This means Smarties made and packaged in a dedicated facility, 
Shop online at and (U.S. only). In Canada (named Rockets),
Retailers include: Target and Walmart. In Canada, Dollarama and Walmart.

Spangler Candy: Dum Dums

Beyond chocolate skulls and bats, there’s nothing quite like a bowl brimming with Dum Dums Original Mix pops to set the Halloween mood. Whether you need a handful or hundreds, you’ll find a classic mix of candies in each bag. From strawberry and cream soda to butterscotch, these sweets are sure to delight. They’re also an easy, safe treat to hand out on Halloween night. 

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, sesame plus gluten 
May contain: refined soy oil
Shop online at, and (U.S. only). In Canada,
Retailers include: Target and Walmart

Strawberry Hill Grand Delights: Lollipops

If you’re going for the wow factor of full-sized treats, Strawberry Hill Grand Delights’ Assorted Halloween Lollipops are hard to beat. Heftier than other Halloween sweets, these orange-, lemon- and grape-flavored handouts are seasonal stunners. Free of most of the top major allergens, they’re also an inclusive way to take part in the fun. 

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, soy, egg, fish, shellfish. Company did not confirm on safety for sesame allergy.
Shop online at (U.S. only)

That’s it. Mini Fruit Bars Variety

Each Mini Fruit Bars Variety Pack from That’s it. includes eight individually wrapped strawberry, mango and blueberry treats. Made with just two wholesome ingredients (apple plus another fruit) these are as healthy as Halloween gets. Delicious, allergy-friendly, mess-free and tot-sized? When it comes to our Halloween list, that ticks all the right boxes.  

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten, mustard, celery and sulfites  
Shop online at, and In Canada, at
Retailers include: Costco Wholesale and Walmart. In Canada, Costco Wholesale.

Tootsie Roll: Junior Mints Spooky Mints

Ideal for setting out at smaller soirees or séances, Junior Mints Spooky Mints boast bold mint flavor in Halloween-appropriate packaging. Made in a facility that’s free of peanuts, tree nuts and gluten, these tempting little treats are a safe sweet for many. The only devilish thing about them? The horrifyingly fun black and orange centers that ooze out with every bite. 

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, shellfish, and sesame plus gluten 
May contain: dairy, egg
Contains: soy 
Shop online at and In Canada, at
Retailers include: Target (U.S. only)

YumEarth: Halloween Variety Pack

YumEarth delivers allergy-friendly fun with their Top-9-free Halloween Variety Pack. Bursting with 50 individually wrapped candies, each bag has enough fruity Giggles, Pops and Gummy Fruits to hold little ones’ interest all night long. Plus, each bag includes a teal pumpkin cut-out sign to help guide tots with food allergies to your front door.  

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten 
Shop online at and (U.S. only) In Canada, at
Retailers include: Target (U.S. only)

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