Allergic Living’s 2022 Teal Halloween Food-Free Finds and Decor Guide  

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Published: October 5, 2022

This Halloween paint a pumpkin teal or hang up a teal sign, all in support of the Teal Pumpkin Project. Teal is the color of food allergies, and the teal pumpkins that pop up on front porches and in windows are a sign of inclusion and allergy accommodation. 

When you display teal pumpkins or signage, you visually convey to kids with food allergies that your home has fun, non-food trinkets they’re sure to love. Not sure where to start to join the blue-green fun? Allergic Living is here to help, with ideas for how to prepare and decorate. Plus, of course, our amazing list of food-free loot you’ll want on hand for Halloween night. 

Teal Pumpkin Prep

 Allergy-Friendly Halloween Yard Sign

Display your teal pumpkin pride right on your front lawn this Halloween. Waterproof and weather-resistant, each Halloween Allergy-Friendly Teal Pumpkin Yard Sign from Big Dot of Happiness lets kids know you are sharing allergy-friendly treats. Plus, thanks to their sturdy design, these signs will be a part of several happy Halloweens to come. 

Shop online at and (U.S. only) 

Carvable Faux Teal Pumpkin 

Unleash your artist skills with Target’s teal-hued Carvable Faux Halloween Pumpkin. Create a jack-o-lantern centerpiece for your allergy-friendly Halloween, but skip the mess of real pumpkin. Perfect for indoors or out, each 9-inch pumpkin can be as ghastly or gorgeous as your heart desires.   

Shop online at (U.S. only) 
Retailers include: Target (U.S. only)

Flyers, Signs for Non-Food Treats

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is the nonprofit behind the Teal Pumpkin Project’s expansion and national U.S. rollout. To help everyone get on the teal bandwagon, they offer a number of free, printable Teal Pumpkin Project flyers, signs, and materials on their website. Download them today to kickstart your teal Halloween prep. 

Find online at (U.S. and Canada). Other resources available in Canada at

Teal Pumpkin Bucket

For pirates, princesses, or Pokémon, a Teal Pumpkin Bucket from Allergy Superheroes is this season’s perfect accessory. Ideal for trick-or-treating or as a trinkets bowl, each latex-free bucket shows your support for a teal Halloween. Add some Teal Pumpkin Leaf Bags to your order, and festoon the yard or porch in allergy-friendly color.

Shop online at (U.S. and Canada)

Trinket Gift Bags

Expecting a gaggle of costumed kids with food allergies or celiac disease at your door? Big Dot of Happiness helps you wow them with Allergy-Friendly Halloween gift favor bags. Fill each 7-inch-high bag (set of 12) with some of our great loot ideas that follow. Then get ready for not-so ghastly squeals of pleasure. Also great for kids’ Halloween parties.  

Shop online at and (U.S. only) 

Teal Treating Loot List

Teal Halloween treaters often shell out food-free loot like pens, whistles, spider rings and vampire fangs. But Allergic Living helps you up your teal game a few notches – with the most imaginative food-free ideas.

Bouncing Eyeballs

New this year, the nonprofit FARE has partnered with CVS to make more food-free treats available to trick-or-treaters with food allergies. Part of their Spooky Village assortment, Bouncing Eyeballs capture both the high energy and the horror of the season in one tidy package. 

Shop online at (U.S. only)
Retailers include CVS (U.S. only)

Enviable Erasers

Boo Buddies Giant Eraser Pencils from Raymond Geddes are a must. The six Halloween-themed designs are adorable and vibrant, and each box includes 36 pencil-erasers. An ideal teal pumpkin handout, these will liven up schoolwork long after the excitement of the hallowed eve has faded away. 

Shop online at (U.S. and Canada)

Halloween Stampers

A perennial kid favorite, stamps are a fun way for kids to unleash their creativity. Each pack of Halloween Stampers from ArtCreativity includes 24 pre-inked stampers, in three seasonal designs and colors. For food-free fun that tots will love, these are hard to beat.   

Shop online at (U.S. only)

Halloween Party Favors

The allergy nonprofit FAACT has teamed with Walmart to promote non-food Halloween finds and raise food allergy awareness. Look for FAACT’s Teal Ghost logo on Way to Celebrate’s Halloween Party Favors bag of 50, available in your local Walmart’s Halloween section. The affordable bag shown includes bouncy balls, spider rings, flutes, springs, mini puzzles and scary teeth. A second bag features bats, skull rings, yo-yos and noisemakers.

Shop online at (U.S. only)
Shop in person at Walmart (U.S. only)

Heaps of Stickers

Cute, not creepy, Oriental Trading’s Halloween Sticker Sheets are a fun way to spread food-free Halloween cheer. With 11 stickers per page, each sheet includes a heap of seasonal designs that kids of all ages will love. Each package has 50 sheets, so these are perfect for teal pumpkin gifting.

Shop online at (U.S. and Canada)

Lovely Lip Gloss

Made in a dedicated facility that’s free of the Top 9 allergens, Kiss Freely’s catalogue of bath and beauty products is a boon all year long. In October, the company’s Halloween Lip Gloss and all-natural Face Paint make gussying up a delight, not a downer. 

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten, plus avocado, corn, coconut, shea butter, sunflower seeds, peas, and beeswax 
Shop online at (U.S. only)

Monster Markers

Let the ghouls out this Halloween with Ooly’s Monster Note Pals Sticky Tabs. Each packet includes 10 tabs each of eight monster character designs. Hand them out to Halloween visitors and they’ll have a monstrously good time marking up notebooks, calendars, journals, and more.

Shop online at (U.S. only)

Scream for Crawlies

Keep an element of horror in Halloween with creepy, crawly Glow Critters from PartySticks. Each pack includes 16 non-toxic plastic spiders, beetles, flies and roaches that come to life thanks to the included mini glow sticks. Pop these into Halloween goodie bags, then cover your ears when the shrieks begin to fill the air. 

Shop online at (U.S. and Canada). In Canada, at

Seal It with a Skull

Individually cut, Pipsticks’ Halloween Seals Sticker Confetti is easy to share come Halloween night. In the season’s most iconic colors and shapes, these stickers make it easy for kids to add a dash of eerie décor to notebooks or when sealing cards.

Shop online at (U.S. only)

Terrifically Terrifying Tattoos

A place where kids’ dress-up dreams become reality, Great Pretenders has everything you need to bring any costume to life. Up the Halloween-theme with eerie Temporary Tattoos, from witches to monsters, bats, ghosts, gravestones and more. Split them up for trick-or-treaters, or gift this sheet to your own itty imps. Have kids who are on the fence about getting inked? Witch Face Stickers and Halloween Sticker Earrings are other fun options.   

Free of: Soy.
Shop online at In Canada, at

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