Easter Treats 2022: Our Top Allergy-Friendly Finds

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Published: March 24, 2022

Sifting through mountains of allergenic chocolates and rainbow-colored treats in the quest for that elusive allergy-friendly option can sap your Easter cheer. Happily, Allergic Living is here to help, with our list of the top safe sweet treats for Easter 2022.

Let’s make the holiday a joyful time, by giving you an armload of goodies from which to choose. Stock up on some of our allergy-friendly favorites – from chocolate bunnies to jelly beans, bakery sweets and more. This year, fill those baskets to bursting, and bring smiles all Easter weekend long.

Note: All items and ingredients have been fact-checked with manufacturers. But always read labels to make sure ingredients haven’t changed.

Amanda’s Own

With a wealth of seasonal treats on offer, Amanda’s Own has everything you need for a deliciously happy Easter. Choose from large chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, chocolate lollipops, and a host of foil-wrapped sweets, knowing that each one is free of the Top 9 allergens. A standout is the company’s Egg & Bunny Easter Treat Box (shown). Featuring five individually wrapped bunnies and five eggs, it’s as bright, colorful and welcome as a spring day.

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Amandasown.com (U.S. & Canada)

Annie’s Organic

Invite a fluffle of bunnies to your Easter celebration with Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. In raspberry, strawberry and cherry flavors, each chewy, fruity treat is a fun, tasty way to make the Easter Bunny your snack-time VIP. Made with organic juice and without artificial ingredients, these Top-9-free goodies are as welcome at school as they are on the Easter holiday.

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Annies.com and Target.com. In Canada, at Well.ca.
Retailers include: Publix, Target and Walmart. In Canada, Walmart and Whole Foods Market.

Enjoy Life Foods

Easter feasts are delicious, but we all know that chocolate is the star of the show. Give guests what they crave with an assortment of bars from Enjoy Life Foods. In ricemilk, ricemilk crunch and dark, these Top-9 free bars are just the dreamy treats to add a sweet, satisfying touch to the big spread. They’re also handy to have on hand any day – to feed that hankering for chocolate.

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten, corn, lupin, mustard and sulfites
Shop online at Enjoylifefoods.com or use store locator. In Canada, at Instacart.com and Luckyvitamin.ca.
Retailers include: Hy-Vee, Wegman’s and Winn Dixie. In Canada, Loblaws.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Move over, Easter Bunny, this cake is about to steal the spotlight. Moist, luscious and rich, Erin McKenna’s Vegan + Gluten-Free Brownie Chocolate Cake is the type of centerpiece every table deserves. Perfect for groups of 8 to 10, this cake will stay fresh and delicious for up to one week – if it lasts that long.

Free of: peanuts, wheat, egg, dairy, fish, shellfish and gluten 
May Contain: The gluten-free flour is produced in a facility that processes tree nuts and soy. See nut protocols here. Bakery uses coconut in some products.
Shop online at Goldbelly.com (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Erin McKenna’s Bakery locations (U.S. only)

Gimbal’s Fine Candies

Jelly beans are an Easter staple. Treat yourself and the family to some of the best with Gourmet Jelly Beans from Gimbal’s. Each bag includes 41 flavors, ranging from fruity faves to unusual finds, like ice cream cake and cotton candy. With a delicate shell and chewy center, these intense bites of goodness will disappear from baskets in a flash.  

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Amazon.com (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Meijer, Target and Walmart (U.S. only)

Jelly Belly

Dressed up with a pearlescent finish, Jelly Belly Jewel Spring Mix is an elegant addition to any Easter celebration. Top 9-free, in a range of tasty flavors and seasonal colors, this ready-to-gift collection is sure to add a dash of sparkle to the day.

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Jellybelly.com and Amazon.com (U.S. only)

Leah’s Better Bites

Make Easter Sunday feel celebratory, with Very Strawberry Cake Bites from Leah’s Better Bites. Enrobed in dairy-free chocolate and adorned with sprinkles, each strawberry cake bite is a cute, Top-9-free treat filled with flair. With a host of products – from cupcakes to large chocolate cakes, and cake bites in vanilla and double chocolate – Leah’s Better Bites has plenty of products to wow family and friends.

Free of: Top 9 allergens, gluten, mustard and legumes
Shop online (larger quantities) at Betterbitesbakery.com
Retailers include: Kroger, Meijer and Whole Foods Market (U.S. only; individual quantities)

Mike and Ike

A year-round favorite, Mike and Ike Easter Treats make the season of baskets and candy hunts complete. Chewy, sweet, and bursting with fruit flavors, don’t be surprised if these popular treats relegate other surprises to the sidelines. In grape, strawberry, lemon, lime, cherry and pineapple banana, there’s a flavor to suit everyone’s fancy.

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Peepsandcompany.com and Amazon.com. In Canada, at Candyfunhouse.ca.
Retailers include: Target and Walmart (U.S. only)

NoWhey! Foods

With a new look this year, NoWhey! Foods’ Mini Cream Veggs conveniently come in 12 individually wrapped packs. The chocolaty, cream-filled and Top-9-free treats are ideal for tucking into Easter baskets or hiding for a garden hunt. But they’re also handy to have on hand just to satisfy sugar cravings.    

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten
Shop online at Nowheychocolate.com (U.S & Canada)


Few things signal the start of spring quite like a flock of vivid yellow PEEPS chicks lining store shelves. A familiar fave, these delightfully soft and sweet, flavored marshmallow candies are a welcome treat that doubles as décor. Use them on allergy-friendly Easter cakes, cupcakes, and more, or just share as a nostalgic treat with the family.   

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame and gluten
May contain: dairy; see milk allergen FAQ.
Shop online at Target.com and Walmart.com. In Canada, at Well.ca.
Retailers include: Kroger, Target and Walmart. In Canada, Dollarama.


A retro classic, Pez is a cute keepsake and tasty treat in one. The Easter Pez Collection features an array of seasonal characters ready to dispense an assortment of Top-9 free sugary candies. Pop one of these into Easter baskets and surprise everyone in your crew. 

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Us.pez.com and Target.com. In Canada, at Candyfunhouse.ca and Instacart.ca.
Retailers include: Target and Walmart. In Canada, Bulk Barn.

Sensitive Sweets Bakery

Not only does Sensitive Sweets take allergies seriously, the bakery also makes delightful, tasty treats for a host of occasions. Each Easter Cookies Set includes eight decorated sugar cookies, sporting the holiday’s requisite motifs and pastel hues. With delivery across the country, you can send a sweet, Top 9-free surprise to loved ones, near and far. 

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Sensitivesweets.com (U.S. only)

Two Fields Bakeshop

Delicious as is, Two Fields Bakeshop’s Top-9 free chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream are also a perfect canvas for Easter inspiration. Topped with allergy-friendly candies or sprinkles, then added to your dessert table, they’re guaranteed to wow. The New Jersey-based bakery is dedicated free of gluten, nuts, peanuts and sesame, with a wide variety of vegan products, and it ships nationally.

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten (for shown product)
Contain: Some other products contain egg, dairy or soy; see FAQ
Shop online at Twofieldsbakeshop.com. (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Two Fields Bakeshop

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

When standard sweets won’t do, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates’ Easter Grand Assortment is the extravagant gift you’ll want at hand. Housed in a lively, Easter-themed box, you’ll find 12 assorted chocolates, including luscious truffles, smooth caramels, and brilliant fruit creams. Hopefully, there are no hard feelings when you outshine the Easter Bunny.  

Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and sesame
Contain: dairy, soy, egg and wheat
Shop online at Vermontnutfree.com


YumEarth’s Easter Variety Box has everything you need for a joyful Easter morning hunt. Boasting flavors like very very cherry, perfectly peach, awesome apple, and more, each pop and pack of goodies delivers the type of bold flavors kids love. Made without the Top 9 allergens, artificial dyes or high fructose corn syrup, parents also invariably approve.

Free of: Top 9 allergens and gluten
Shop online at Target.com and Yumearth.com (U.S. only)
Retailers include: Target (U.S. only)

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