Teal Halloween Food-Free Treats & Decorating Guide for 2021

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Published: October 6, 2021

A teal pumpkin is a visual sign that a household is handing out non-food treats for Halloween. It’s a simple act of kindness that allows kids with food allergies to participate fully, without food worries.

The Teal Pumpkin Project was the brainchild of a Tennessee food allergy advocate, then the nonprofit FARE took the concept national in 2014. Today, the Project continues to grow on front porches across North America, and has expanded as far away as England and Australia. 

The idea is simple: display a pumpkin painted teal to show you have non-candy treats available. That way costumed kids with food allergies take home something fun – rather than candy that’s often loaded with allergens they can’t eat.

But how to show you’re taking part in the Teal Pumpkin Project, and what to hand out that’s not candy? Allergic Living is here to help – with great decor, signage and a collection of food-free treats to shell out for a scream-worthy Halloween.

Getting Teal Ready

Let your neighborhood know your inclusive intentions by getting your yard or apartment door into the spirit of a teal-colored Halloween.

Allergy Superheroes’ Bags, Bracelets

It’s hard to beat Allergy Superheroes for one-stop teal Halloween shopping. Decorate the yard with blue-green pumpkin leaf bags and treat the kids to glow-in-the-dark slap bracelets. For trick-or-treating, teal pumpkin candy buckets alert others to kids’ allergies, and help to keep little ones safe.

Shop online at Shop.allergysuperheroes.com (U.S. & Canada)

FARE’s Teal Signs, Flyers

The nonprofit FARE gets you into the Teal Pumpkin Project spirit with plenty of free, downloadable signs, plus flyers to hang up around your haunt. Make it apparent to local ghouls and neighbors that you’re taking part in an inclusive, safe Halloween – and making non-food treats available.

In Canada, see Food Allergy Canada’s posters for its “Shine a Teal Light” Campaign.   
Find online at Foodallergy.org (U.S.). and (for Canada) at FoodAllergyCanada.ca.

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting

Inspire children to help decorate for Halloween festivities with a Glow in The Dark Rock Painting Kit from Faber-Castell’s Creativity for Kids brand. With rocks and waterproof 3D glow paint included in each box, children can decorate rocks, then strategically place them. By the moonlit night, they’ll see their creations come to life.

Shop online at Fabercastell.com and  Target.com (U.S). In Canada, at Canada.Michaels.com.

Gussy That Gourd

Leave the knives safely tucked away and instead, invite kids to decorate their pumpkins with a Jack-O-Lantern Decorating Kit from Kid Made Modern. With googly eyes, pom-poms, felt stickers and paint included in each box, you’ll need little more than vivid imaginations to create some seriously gussied-up gourds.  

Shop online at Kidmademodern.com (U.S.).

Kiss Freely Face Paint

Tap into your inner Picasso with Kiss Freely’s All Natural Allergen Free Face Paint for Halloween kit. With six allergy-friendly, creamy colors in each pack, one order is all you’ll need to unleash the villains, heroes, divas and more, who are ready to emerge on Halloween night.

Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten  
Shop online at Kissfreely.com

Teal Treating Loot List

Teal Halloween treaters typically shell out food-free loot like pens, whistles, spider rings and vampire fangs. But Allergic Living helps you up your teal game a few notches – with most imaginative food-free ideas.

Creepy Crawlers

Up the creep quotient with Glow In The Dark Critters from Spirit Halloween. Each bag of 24 includes centipedes, spiders and other unsettling visitors, activated by LED light. Throw these into treat bags and don’t be surprised when you hear shrieks and giggles filling the night air.

Shop online at Spirithalloween.com (U.S. & Canada)

Erasing Monsters

Each box of Monster Pencils with Eraser Toppers from Raymond Geddes includes 24 individually wrapped pencils that are more kooky than terrifying. With six sassy, colorful designs per box, these may win the prize for cutest, non-food Halloween treat of 2021. 

Shop online at Raymondgeddes.com (U.S. & Canada)

Fabulous Face Stickers 

Whoever populates your little one’s imagination, from superheroes to dragons, bats, mermaids, and more, Great Pretenders has oodles of allergy-friendly face stickers to help bring playtime to life. These make terrific handouts – for teal pumpkin treating or party goodie bags. Plus, don’t miss the company’s gorgeous costumes and accessories.

Shop online at Usa.greatpretenders.ca. In Canada, Greatpretenders.ca.

Glitter Rings

A fun alternative to candy, Oriental Trading’s 48-count pack of Halloween Glitter Rings includes four seasonal designs. With a white cat, orange jack-o’-lantern, black cat and purple skull on offer, don’t be surprised if you see repeat visitors at your door.

Shop online at Orientaltrading.com (U.S. & Canada).

Illuminating Jewelry

You or your child can show off your support for food-free celebrating with the Teal Pumpkin Light Up Necklace. Or gift them as part of your teal loot. The pretty pumpkins come 2 to a pack. In Canada, another option is the “Shine a Light” bracelet (supporting Food Allergy Canada).

Necklaces: shop online at Foodallergy.org and Amazon.com (U.S. and Canada)
Bracelets: shop online at Foodallergycanada.ca

Pop It Like Halloween

The kids think you’re out of touch? Prove you are ‘with it’ by surprising them with the year’s trendiest toy. Pop toys –here in fun, festive Halloween shapes – are the sensory fidget toy propelled to viral fame by Instagram, TikTok, and more. Great for game time, these are also ideal for calming nerves when chills are creeping up and down your spine.

Shop online at Amazon.com (U.S. & Canada)

Spooky Stickers

Go all out this with stickers from Pipsticks that are guaranteed to grab kids’ attention. Shop for individual sheets, featuring adorable takes on all the iconic Halloween shapes, or Halloween printables that include enough activities, games and coloring pages to keep kids entertained for hours.

Shop online at Pipsticks.com (U.S. & Canada)

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