Food Allergy, Celiac and Asthma Awareness Month Tool Kit 2019

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Published: May 13, 2019

May is Awareness Month for food allergies, celiac disease and asthma, a great time to share knowledge about these important but often misunderstood diseases. This week food allergy efforts ramp up during May 12-18, with Food Allergy Awareness Week. Following are articles, posters and resources to assist your advocating efforts.

Resources From Allergic Living

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Ask the Allergist

How Can You Tell if a Child’s Rash is a Sign of Food Allergy?
Is It Safe to Eat Packaged Foods “Processed in the Same Facility as Your Allergen?
When Is There A Risk of an Airborne Food Allergy Reaction?
Is It Possible to Tell if a Person’s Food Allergy is ‘Not Severe’?
Is It Better to Inject a Second Dose of Epinephrine Into the Opposite Thigh?
Are Pollen Allergies Linked to Adult-Onset Food Allergy?
How Does a Parent Reconcile Different Results From Skin and Blood Food Allergy Tests?
Allergist Scott Sicherer Tackles Several Crucial Food Allergy Questions

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School Resources

Food Allergies at School: The Steps to Ensure Your Child is Safely Included
The 504 Plan Meeting: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Advocating for a Plan
Preschool Children: How to Seek Food Allergy Accommodations
Class Strategizing: Exclude the Treats, Not the Food-Allergic Child

Lighting Up Skies with Turn It Teal

The “Turn It Teal” collaboration has partnered with iconic buildings and bridges to light the night sky teal for various evenings in May. Meet founder Stephanie Lowe and learn about the 2019 global lightings program here.

Key Dates in May
  • May 8 – Allergy & Asthma Day on Capitol Hill, organized by Allergy & Asthma Network
  • May 12–18 – It’s official Food Allergy Awareness Week.
  • May 16 – Teal Takeover Day! Support food allergy awareness by wearing teal and sharing photos to social media. Use the hashtags, #tealtakeover and #foodallergyweek
  • May 16 – FARE’s Virtual Hill Day in support of the FASTER Act, which would add sesame as a 9th top allergen, direct government to study food allergy costs, support therapy development, etc. Learn more.
  • May 16 – End Allergies Together hosts “Food for Thought” with allergy innovators; Boston area. Learn more.
  • May 19–25 – National Eosinophil Awareness Week.
  • May 20 – 2nd annual International Red Sneakers Day. Get out your red sneakers and help raise awareness of food allergies! Use the hashtags #Internationalredsneakersday and #Livlikeoaks
  • May 30 – Beyond Celiac’s 3rd Annual Research Symposium. Learn more.

Resources From the Not-for-Profits


Infographic: Food Allergy Reseach & Education’s Food Allergy Epidemic
Food Allergy Education & Awareness Resources
Contains: Courage: FARE’s shareable
food allergy campaign video

From AAFA/Kids With Food Allergies

Asthma Spring 2019 Capitals Report
Photo Contest: More Than Asthma
Photo Contest: More Than Food Allergies
Social Media Tools: to Spread Asthma and Allergy Awareness

From Allergy & Asthma Network

Infographic: Asthma Health Disparities
Infographic: Anaphylaxis Impact
AAN Advocates Against Insurers’ “Fail First” Programs

2019 Advocacy Agenda


Poster: 10 FAACTS About Food Allergies
Poster: Food Allergy Lunchroom Detective
FAACT’s School Curricula Program

From Beyond Celiac

Awareness Month 2019 Hub: There’s No Cure Without U
Infographic: Fast Facts about Celiac Disease Infographic
Infographic: Invisible Illness Infographic
Celiac Disease: Fast Facts

Step Beyond Celiac Race and Virtual Walk

Canadian Organizations

Food Allergy Canada – Food Allergy Awareness Month Hub

Canadian Celiac Association – May 24 – State of Celiac Disease Forum
Infographic: #GoBeyondTheGut