Allergic Living’s Easter Guide: Allergy-Friendly, Gluten-Free Chocolates and Candies

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Published: March 19, 2018

Whether you’re preparing for Easter or Passover gatherings, we’ve got you and your kids covered with our favorite allergy-friendly treats and non-food gifts.

All products are available in the United States & Canada.
Note: Always read labels to make sure ingredients haven’t changed.

Amore di Mona

Elegant gift boxes are Amore di Mona’s signature. But it’s their decadent, artisanal chocolates, free of the most common allergens that make those boxes one-of-a-kind. A package of their luscious, dark chocolate Crispy Caramela Bunnies just might be this season’s sweetest surprise.
Free of: Top 8 allergens and sesame and

Surf Sweets

For decorating cupcakes or for surprising party guests there’s nothing quite like Surf Sweet’s Organic Spring Jelly Bean or Fruity Bear multipacks. Made without artificial colors, these little sweets boast natural fruity flavor and your daily dose of vitamin C in each serving.
Free of: Top 8 allergens, sesame, sulfites and gluten

Vermont Nut Free

Need a present that will really wow? Vermont Nut Free’s Easter treat boxes overflow with jelly beans and chocolates that are sure to impress any little bunny. For something smaller, but just as fun, there are Easter cookies, marshmallows, buttercream or caramel bunnies and chocolate Easter pops.
Free of: peanuts and tree nuts. (Contains milk, egg, soy and gluten.)


When the team at Divvies named their “Big Bunny,” they weren’t joking! Crafted from a whole pound of Divvies’ allergy-friendly, vegan chocolate, this rabbit will make a perfect centerpiece for anyone celebrating Easter in a big way.
Free of: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg

Amanda’s Own

Come Easter, it’s not unusual to have visions of chocolate dancing in your head. Give kids and adults alike what they’re craving with “Egg”stravaganza Bags filled with colorful, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs from Amanda’s Own. For Passover, chocolate lollipops and bags of gold coins make tasty treats.
Free of: Top 8 allergens and gluten


Is it possible to overdo it with colorful, delicious sweets at Easter? When it comes to Gimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans made with real fruit juice, we’re sure you can never have enough! Tuck the candies into baskets or use them to decorate the table and be sure to hide some away for yourself because you won’t want to miss the 12 bright flavors, dose of vitamin C and mouth-puckering tang of these little gems.
Free of: Top 8 allergens and gluten

No Whey! Foods

If the Easter bunny at your house needs a little help, No Whey! Foods is the place to go for goodies that are delectable, allergy-friendly and individually wrapped for hiding. Easter figurines and Deep Chocolate Brownie Eggs are free of the top 8 allergens and just right for populating the Easter hunt trail.
Free of: Top 8 allergens and gluten


Stuff Easter baskets with colorful grass, eggs, pastel-hued candies and confections all you want, but they’ll never be ready without cute, squishy Peeps! Available in assorted colors and shapes, these allergy-friendly chicks and bunnies are a must at Easter.
Free of: Top 8 allergens, gluten-free. Some varieties may contain milk, see company’s FAQ.

Ice Chips

On the hunt for a delicious, sugar-free sweet? Available in more than 20 flavors, Ice Chips hard candies are perfect for Easter baskets or for hiding alongside chocolaty eggs. Springtime flavors like lemon, orange cream and berry make great treats for kids. For more mature palates, margarita and piña colada are sure to be popular picks.
Free of: Top 8 allergens


If you’re expecting a herd of little bunnies at this year’s celebration, get ready with a bag (or two!) of Wholesome’s Organic Bunny Lollipops. Between the pop of fruity watermelon, strawberry and lemon flavors, and the adorable bunny-shape, these 30 treats won’t last long!
Free of: Top 8 allergens and gluten

BONUS: Allergy-Friendly Bakeries

Before you get frazzled and frustrated at the mere thought of cooking an incredible, celebratory feast, first things first. There are people who can help! Whether you’re on the hunt for allergy-friendly Easter goodies or kosher sweets free of top allergens, we’ve searched out bakeries that fit the bill.
See Allergic Living’s list of allergy-friendly bakeries across the U.S. here.

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