Gluten-Free Watchdog Calls For End To Bogus Gluten-Free Claims

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Published: September 20, 2017

Tricia Thompson, the registered dietitian known as the Gluten-Free Watchdog, wants the FDA to step in to stop labeling violations under the gluten-free rule.

She’s calling for an end to “facial misbranding,” which she defines as a misleading gluten-free claim on a food product label. On her website, she states that “too many products” are labeled gluten-free yet have ingredients, such as barley malt and wheat, which do contain gluten and are prohibited under FDA rules from making such a claim.

Thompson has started a petition urging the FDA to establish a label-abuse reporting system for consumers on the agency’s website. She is also asking the FDA to issue a warning letter on “facial misbranding” within 30 days of an electronically submitted report.

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