Oakland A’s Offer Peanut-Controlled Zone for 2017 MLB Season

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Published: May 8, 2017
Photo: Oakland Athletics Instagram

Imagine taking your peanut-allergic child to the baseball game to root for the home team – and not having to worry about what those seated next to you are shelling, eating and smearing? That’s exactly the experience the Oakland Athletics have announced for the 2017 season.

The team has just begun offering a “peanut-controlled zone” at the Oakland Coliseum, meaning no peanuts are allowed in an area of designated seats on the suite level in deep left field. The tickets are priced $26 before any fees.

“Many of our fans expressed a desire for a peanut-free zone and we are listening to them and responding,” Zak Basch, director of media relations with the Oakland A’s, told Allergic Living. “Since we are an open-air stadium we cannot fully be peanut-free, however, we will make reasonable efforts to restrict peanut products from the designated peanut-controlled seating section.” Those with this allergy should still take the same precautions as they do in any public space.

The area will be cleaned before people are let into the stadium and there will be signage to alert other fans about the new rules. However, the zone does not have separate restrooms or concession stands.

“We hope this area creates a fun and safe environment for our fans who have peanut allergies to enjoy A’s baseball,” Basch said.

While other MLB teams host allergy-friendly games throughout the season, this marks the first time a team in the league has designated a section for peanut-allergic fans for the entire series.