Food Allergy Celiac & Asthma Awareness Month Tool Kit 2017

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Published: May 4, 2017

May is Awareness Month for food allergy, celiac disease and asthma. We’ve got terrific articles and posters to assist your advocating efforts.

Food Allergy Awareness Posters

Essential Info: Six That Save Lives Managing: Talking Food Allergies: Snappy Comebacks


A Kid’s Viewpoint:
I am a Child with Food Allergies

Customize Your Own!
Print out and attach a photo of your child and sign their name. Or if you have a PDF editing program, you can insert a photo into the document.
I am a Child with Food Allergies Custom


Must-Share E-Booklet

A food allergy reaction is a potentially life-threatening response. Among the questions our readers frequently ask are: Just when is it anaphylaxis? How common are severe reactions? When do you give an epinephrine shot? And when is it safe to presume a milder reaction? Here is a primer of 18 key points about allergic reactions.


Tools From FARE

2017 Food Allergy Awareness Poster
Food Allergy Awareness Week Resources: handouts, posters, activity sheets and more!

Key Dates

  • May 15: Food for Thought: Watch & Share FARE’s important video on food allergy awareness.
  • May 17: Show us your teal! Share photos of your teal gear by using hashtag #Tealtakeover.
  • May 18: Anaphlyaxis Awareness Day. Share your message about the seriousness of food allergies.
  • Full Allergy Action Month Calendar of Events.


Tools From Beyond Celiac

Celiac Awareness Month Tell Us Line:
What do you wish people knew about celiac disease? Share your stories or suggestions with Beyond Celiac here.

What do you wish people knew about your life with celiac disease?
Fast Facts about Celiac Disease
Invisible Illness

Tools From AAFA

Food Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month Social Media Tools
Ally & Andy Awesome Asthma & Allergy Activity Book
Asthma & Allergy Awareness Events Calendar

Tools From Allergic Living

Ask the Allergist
How Do I Know When to Use My Auto-Injector?
How Does Epinephrine Turn Off an Allergic Reaction?

Food Labels
How to read a label when you have Food Allergies
May contains on food labels: What you need to know
How to read a label if you have celiac disease

School Resources
7 Mistakes to Avoid at a 504 Meeting

Schools and Allergies Resource Hub – U.S.
Schools and Allergies Resource Hub – Canada