Allerject Auto-Injectors Recalled by Sanofi Canada

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Published: October 28, 2015

Dec. 2: Read the latest Sanofi Canada update on the Allerject recall here.

All Allerject epinephrine auto-injectors on the market in Canada are being recalled, Sanofi Canada, the product’s manufacturer announced in a press release on Oct. 28, 2015.

The voluntary recall includes both the 0.15 mg (child) and 0.3 mg (adult) strengths. Sanofi US earlier in the day recalled its Auvi-Q auto-injectors as well, saying there had been 26 reports of suspected device malfunctions in the U.S. and Canada related to the auto-injectors delivering potentially inaccurate doses of epinephrine.

Nine of these malfunction reports were made in Canada. However, no malfunction has yet been confirmed, and no fatalities have been reported.

The company asks Canadian customers to take Allerjects to their local pharmacy to be replaced with an alternative epinephrine auto-injector (e.g. an EpiPen).

“In the absence of availability of an alternate epinephrine auto-injector, patients are instructed to retain their Allerject device until an alternate auto-injector is available,” Sanofi Canada said in a press release. If a person experiences suspected anaphylaxis before being able to replace the device, the company says to use the Allerject, call 911 and seek emergency medical services.

Sanofi Canada expressed some concern about epinephrine supply. “In light of the need to manage supply associated with this recall, we are asking customers and pharmacists to limit the replacement of Allerject to one unit or the appropriate number of units as instructed by your healthcare professional until full alternative stock is available,” the company said.

For questions regarding this voluntary product recall, contact the Allerject Call Center at 1-855-405-4321.

Any adverse event related to the use of one of these auto-injectors should be reported to:

Sanofi Canada: 1-855-405-4321
Health Canada: 1-866-234-2345
via the MedEffect Canada website:

See Sanofi Canada’s statement here.
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