Allergy-Ready Back to School Gear

in Managing Allergies, Parenting & School
Published: September 3, 2015

Tote safety and style along to school with these inventive allergy and asthma products.


Packable Produce

Safely stow salads, pasta and other healthy eats in adorable apple, strawberry and watermelon Fruits Lunch Bowls from Bento&co. The colorful containers are BPA-free, microwavable and dishwasher-safe with a lid that locks two separate compartments in place.



Smarter Setting

Finding a safe surface for eating while on the go can be a challenge when you’re managing food allergies or celiac disease. Wipes are always helpful. But for added peace of mind, here’s a less obvious solution: an awesome new placemat, such as the FlatBox-LunchBox by Solvetta. It does double duty as an insulated lunch bag that can be unzipped and spread out into the perfect placemat for children or adults on the go. or via FARE’s online store here.



Wear Your Epi

Every person with severe allergies knows it’s a must to carry at least one epinephrine auto-injector at all times. But the editors here have also heard many excuses: “I didn’t want to carry a bag,” “I needed my hands free,” and so on. The fact is, there are ways to keep your auto-injector close. For instance, it’s exactly for active situations that Omaxcare designed durable auto-injector carriers that strap to either the leg or waist. These products offer ease of movement or discretion under a pant leg.


FALL 2013


Fashion Statement

Make no mistake of allergen needs with Sensitivitees. The adorable graphics clearly display food concerns to keep caregivers and classmates from forgetting. T-shirtsand sweatshirts are available in several 100% cotton colors, with shot or long sleeves and seamless features for added comfort. (U.S. Only)




Breathe Easy

Attach a KozyGo Puffer Pouch to your child’s backpack and send him or her off safely with an asthma inhaler in reach. The compact, water-repellent carriers fasten with a buckle or clip and are available in fun designs for functional visibility.



Message in a Bottle

Avoid look-alike water bottle mix-ups and the risk of allergen or gluten cross-contact with the reusable Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle. Choose your own color, and engrave your name on the front of the phthalate-free, BPA-free bottle, which is protected by a durable silicone sleeve.



nutfree 3 bads


Statement Sacks

Skip the paper and plastic white inspiring conscious conversations with #nutfree Reusable Bags. The hashtag helper comes in five alert colors, is made of machine-washable ripstop material, has the capacity of up to three grocery bags, and folds into a flat pouch.



kidecalsStick it to Them

Get the message across with kidecals Allergy Labels. The waterproof decals adhere to clothing, bottles, backpacks and lunchboxes, and are available in free-from designs or can be customized with the information you want.


Cute Carriers

Carrying medications gains sudden appeal when your child sees that Alert Wear’s Owl Medicine Case comes with a matching Doll Case for her favorite toy companion. The full-size quilted cotton bag holds 2 auto-injectors and an inhaler, and the set is made with your choice of fabric and strap style.



sweatersAll Zipped In

No need for added baggage when donning an Olli Pocket Hoodie. Kids will love this soft 100% organic cotton sweatshirt, complete with a cargo-inspired compartment for two epinephrine injectors or an asthma inhaler and an insert for medical information.



Charmed Chains

braceletsPrioritize personal care practicality with a Links of Hope Medical ID Bracelet. Each beaded cuff is crafted by deaf students and artisans in developing countries who receive free jewelry-making training, tools, fairly traded raw materials and livable wages to promote sustainability.



Best Defense

Allergens are no match for the refillable OXO On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser. The slim design conveniently sides into backpacks, and a on-handed push of the button keeps kids out of sticky situations. Available in three accent colors: green, aqua and pink.

Files from Alisa Fleming, Caroline Moassessi and Jason Rehel