Recap: The #Allergyready Back-to-School Twitter Party

in Food Allergy
Published: August 21, 2015

With food allergies and asthma, back-to-school season can be a time of heightened stress and anxiety – for parents and children alike.

On August 19, we gathered a group of 11 allergists who are members of AAAAI (the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology) to offer invaluable advice and to take your school and college-related questions.

The result is a compendium of the best resources for you and your child including: anaphylaxis and asthma action plans; classroom celebrations; asthma triggers at school; all about 504 plans; teen and college student issues, including dating, dorms and socializing; delicious lunch recipes for food-allergic students; and lastly, some great additional resources.

Following is our Twitter Party summary, and don’t forget to follow @AllergicLiving and @AAAAI_org on Twitter.

Topic 1: Allergy & Asthma Action Plans: What they are; what’s important to include.

The basics for keeping a child safe involve a plan. AAAAI experts have plenty of advice on how to form one, and what it needs to include:

This mom had a practical question about parents’ anxiety around auto-injectors:

And this dad was wondering about kids’ anxiety around auto-injectors and how to alleviate it:

And school asthma control is not guaranteed. There are many potential triggers:

Topic 2: Food Allergies: classroom treat approaches, cafeteria strategies and more.

What about practical concerns in classrooms, cafeterias, and other eating areas at school?

The importance of using epinephrine in a timely fashion is paramount, and can save lives:

Make sure to communicate effectively with ALL the adults who will be caring for your children. It’s the real key to the best protection against anaphylaxis:

Next: When to self-carry meds; pet dander, pollen, chemicals in the class.