Girl Meets World’s Auggie Maturo Speaks Up for Allergy Awareness

in Food Allergy
Published: May 25, 2015

Mylan Specialty has launched a new food allergy and anaphylaxis awareness campaign, called EpiPen® On Location, which includes new videos from three celebrity ambassadors.

One ambassador is Auggie Maturo, who plays the little brother on the popular TV show “Girl Meets World”. Seven-year-old Auggie knows first-hand what it’s like to live with multiple food allergies, and he faced a severe allergic reaction to cashews as a young child. In the video, Auggie and his parents explain why it’s so important to have an anaphylaxis action plan, and why those with food allergies always need to have ready access to their auto-injectors.


For more information on the campaign, and to learn about an exciting sweepstakes program, visit
(Only U.S. residents can participate in the sweepstakes of this U.S.-based campaign.) 

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