Allergy Friendly Tech Tools 2015

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Published: May 21, 2015

When technology meets allergic life peace of mind and new friends follow. Check out some great new tech tools, as previously reviewed in Allergic Living magazine by website coordinator Courtney Born.

Veta Smart CaseMindful Monitor

The Veta Smart Case isn’t your ordinary EpiPen holder. The high-tech case uses sensors and Bluetooth connection to signal your phone with the location and temperature of your auto-injector. If misplaced, the case can emit a pinging noise and light up. If you pull open the cap, the Smart Case sends an alert to your emergency contacts (also easy to deactivate).
$59, iOS/Android; on preorder at





Always make sure epinephrine is close at hand with the new EpiAlert App. Simply set your home base using the app and once you leave the chosen area, a pop-up notification will remind you to check that you’re carrying your epinephrine auto-injector. A portion of all proceeds goes to allergy research.
Only $5-$5.79, iOS/Android;




AllergicAttraction - Founder photoMeet Market

Safely navigate food land mines on the dating battlefield with The new website is free to join, and was created to provide a fun, stress-free way for young adults with food allergies to form relationships, and perhaps even find their allergy-aware sole mate.



Sensitive Socializers

Bring your appetite along to the newly updated “customer eater” community at Whether dealing with allergies, celiac disease or intolerances, this free online platform is a virtual meeting place where bloggers, brands and home cooks interact and share their favorite recipes, reviews, tips and questions.




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