Food-Free Treats and Party Ideas for Kids, Teens with Food Allergies

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Published: October 9, 2014
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Tweens and Teens

  • Host a Thriller dance party! Send out instructions on how to perform the famous Michael Jackson dance (see: How to Dance ‘Thriller’ for Halloween). Turn up your speakers and shake it like a ghoul.
  • Create a Matrix-like obstacle course in your hallways using streamers and PaperTac; see who can make it through.
  • Host a Murder Mystery in your home and put on your best CSI performance as the night goes on.
  • Play charades, but with Halloween or ghost themes.
  • Epic Halloween Storytelling: similar to all ages event, but boost the scary factor by inviting teens to sit around an LED candle in a dimly lit room as they add new parts to the frightful tale.

Trick or Treating

If children trick or treat, consider these allergy-friendly options:

  • Collect all candy and then place bag outside for the Switch Witch to come and trade a toy for the bag of candy. She needs fuel to fly home after such a busy night.
  • Encourage your child to wear gloves to create an allergen barrier.
  • Super Lucky Trick or Treater game: collect candy and then return home to give the entire bag to the next person who rings your doorbell. In exchange, provide your child with a special toy or activity like bowling, etc.
  • Cash for Candy: teens especially enjoy a candy buyout.

There are so many fun and unique ways to keep the Halloween spirit alive and still be allergy-safe. We hope these ideas inspired you for Halloween 2014!

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