Zany Contest to Raise Funds for Anaphylaxis

in Food Allergy
Published: July 10, 2013

Two Indy drivers are going head-to-head in an online competition to raise the most money for charities of their choosing.

For his charity, Montreal native Alex Tagliani chose Anaphylaxis Canada. Tagliani is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and carries an EpiPen at all times.

However, it’s no sure thing that he’ll take the checkered flag in this event. He’s up against some fierce competition from New Zealand driver Scott Dixon and his charity Teens Living with Cancer.

The winner will be the racer who brings in the most fan donations online at the website, and Anaphylaxis Canada is hoping for lots of food allergy community support.

To add some excitement, the loser doesn’t just get to bow out gracefully – he will have to ride around the 250-acre grounds of the Indiana State Fair on a tricycle. Better yet, the defeated driver will be wearing a silly costume representative of his country – a beaver outfit if it’s Tagliani and a sheep costume if it’s Dixon.

Aside from helping a great cause, donating also provides the chance to win a signed racing helmet and Skype call from Tagliani.

The contest ends on Thursday, July 18 at 8 p.m., so rev up your online donating finger now!

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