Comparing Gluten-Free Cereal & Oatmeals

in Celiac
Published: May 1, 2012

A celiac disease diagnosis used to mean waving goodbye to a morning routine of cereal and milk. No longer! Today, there are many gluten-free cereals on grocers’ shelves. But nutritionally, they aren’t all the same.

Registered dietitian, celiac disease expert and Allergic Living columnist Shelley Case along with her intern, Alex Crerar have created unique and incredibly helpful nutritional comparison charts of the most popular gluten-free cereals and oatmeals. Which brands have more fiber? Which have a lot of sugar? Which are enriched with extra vitamins and minerals? The answers are in the charts.

Print them and bring them along the next time you go grocery shopping.

GF Cereals & Oatmeals Available in the U.S.:

GF Cereals & Oatmeals Available in Canada: