WestJet to Ask: Hold the Nuts

in Managing Allergies, Travel & Dining
Published: December 9, 2010

Canada’s two major airlines have now both unveiled new formal allergy policies.

WestJet, the country’s second largest airline, told Allergic Living that it has a new policy that a flight attendant will make a cabin-wide announcement requesting other passengers not to eat nut or peanut products when a customer with such allergies requests this accommodation.

This is a groundbreaking policy for a major airline in North America and one being hailed by Allergic Living and supporters of its 2009 “Reduce the Risk” airlines campaign.

“This is a hugely important accommodation, exactly what all of us lobbied for,” said Gwen Smith, the magazine’s editor. “WestJet is to be commended for its leadership, and what a great holiday gift to travelers with severe food allergies.”

On Dec. 2, 2010, Air Canada also posted its first official food allergy policy online. Canada’s main airline is starting to provide for a small buffer zone with advance notice and a completed medical form.


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