Our Cardinal Rules

in Food Allergy
Published: September 2, 2010

Allergic Living’s tips for living safely and well with food allergies.

1. Never eat without your auto-injector, period.

2. If you’re a child, never eat food that one of your parents hasn’t approved. If you’re an adult, don’t even think about that mystery food.

3. Read labels. Always. Know the ingredients of every food that enters your (or your child’s) mouth.

4. Learn to cook – well. No. 3 isn’t difficult if you do No. 4. And you’ll enjoy your food more knowing it’s safe.

5. Organize and Plan. Think through what’s to eat whenever you or your child will be eating away from home.

6. Always carry a safe snack. That way, you’re never stuck without anything to eat.

7. Speak up about your allergies. Always discuss menu items with waiters or chefs. Tell that guy you started dating that even a nutty kiss can have unintended consequences.

8. Parents: Teach your allergic children to manage their own allergies. Prepare them, but don’t scare them about peanut butter as a “loaded weapon”.

9. Don’t dwell upon what you can’t have; focus on what you can.

10. Manage food allergies, don’t allow them to run your life.