How You Can Help Lessen Smog, Bad Air

in Healthy Home, Indoor Allergies
Published: August 20, 2010

Tips for Your Home (cont’d)

Plant a tree near your house. Backyard trees may cut your need for air conditioning by 40 per cent, and your need for heating by 10 per cent.

Turn down the thermostat. In winter months, the EPA recommends turning down the furnace’s thermostat to 68 degrees F in the day and 60 degrees F at night.

Reduce your use of oil-based paints, lawn pesticides and cleaning solvents. When they dry, they release VOCs. By 2010 they will contribute to more than twice the amount of VOCs from all transportation sources.

Purchase “green power” for your home’s electrical needs. Green power, generated by water, sun and wind, does not create smog.

Buy energy efficient appliances.

Use compact fluorescent lights. They require one-fifth to one-quarter of the energy of the old incandescent bulbs.

Sources: Environmental Protection Agency; Pollution Probe; Clean Air Foundation