Halloween: School Tips

in Managing Allergies, Parenting & School
Published: July 2, 2010

Here are some tips for a safe Halloween in the classroom:

• Talk with the teacher as soon as you can about snacks, treats and activities.
• If food will be served for the class, offer to bring it. At the very least, provide something safe for your child to eat.
• For younger children, attend the party, at least long enough to see that no unsafe foods turn up.
• Remember that Halloween-sized versions of candies and chocolate bars may contain different ingredients than full-size versions, so read the label every time.
• Remind your child that the days after Halloween are prime time for allergen-filled candy and treats to show up at school. Extra caution and hand-washing is needed.

Tip from Pamela LeeAllergic Living’s contributor and mother of a son with food allergies:

“In the weeks before Halloween, try to find parties or events that don’t involve food.” Lee’s family has done things such as going to a local pool that showed a movie. Sitting in the warm water watching Ghostbusters created nice family memories, without the worry of an allergic reaction.

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